• Comfort in any weather

    Comfort in any weather

  • Magical atmosphere

    Magical atmosphere

  • Love for plants

    Love for plants

  • Decorate your garden!

    Decorate your garden!

  • Happy gardening!

    Happy gardening!


  • Accessibility


    You’ll find GreenArt products at any Fix Price store.

  • Reasonable Prices

    Reasonable Prices

    We offer classic gardening solutions at the best prices.

  • Harmony with Nature

    Harmony with Nature

    Our products blend in with any environment thanks to their thoughtful design.

  • For You and Your Garden

    For You and Your Garden

    Our products are designed to make both your plants and you comfortable.

About Us

About Us

Outdoor and indoor gardening are growing increasingly popular year after year. These verdant sanctuaries play a vital role in our lives, whether they sprawl across a spacious yard or adorn a humble window sill with an array of flourishing plants. Moreover, has transcended its utilitarian nature and transformed into an exquisite art form, offering solace and respite from the burdens of everyday life. However, it was not too long ago that acquiring essential gardening supplies, such as spades, nutrient-rich soil, or sturdy plant supports, proved to be a daunting task. The GreenArt concept solves this problem once and for all. Now, within the vicinity of your abode, you can peruse the aisles of a nearby Fix Price store and procure an extensive assortment of accessories tailored to enhance your cherished horticultural pastime.

Closer to nature. Greenart.

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools
  • Double-Ended Hoe 28 cm (11 in)
  • Branch Cutter 36 cm (14 in)
  • Garden Hose Spray Gun 16.5 cm (6.5 in), 7 Modes
  • Gardening Gloves with Claws, 1 Pair

Decor, Fences, Pots

Decor, Fences, Pots
  • Garden Pot dia. 25 cm (10 in)
  • Garden Pot 30х35 cm (12x14 in)
  • Garden Fence 49.8х30 cm (20x12 in), Plastic
  • Garden Decor 54 cm (21 in), Assorted

Seedling Products

Seedling Products
  • Seedling Cassette 12 Cells
  • Garden Labels 20 pcs
  • Seedling Pot Square, 80x80x80 cm (31x31x31 in)
  • Bulb Planter with Teeth, 1 Pair

Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting
  • Garden Light Solar Garden Light, 34.5 cm (13.5 in)
  • Garden Light Solar Garden Light, 36 cm (14 in)
  • Garden Light Solar Garden Light, 37.5 cm (15 in)
  • Garden Light Solar Garden Light, 36 cm (14 in)

Wear, Shoe Covers, Raincoats

Wear, Shoe Covers, Raincoats
  • Shoe Covers 1 Pair
  • Raincoat 130х155 cm (51x61 in)
  • Children’s Raincoat Assorted Sizes (S, M, L)
  • Waterproof Shoe Covers

Gardening Tips

  • Tip 1
    When working in the garden, remember about hand protection — use gloves. By donning these essential accessories, not only will your delicate skin retain its natural beauty, but your nails will also be shielded from the perils of splits, breaks, and the unsightly accumulation of soil.
  • Tip 2
    Are you going to have a long day in the garden? Take care of your knees and back by using a folding stool. The seat will relieve muscles and joints, and it is easy to move around with.
  • Tip 3
    A beautiful garden is any family’s pride. Decorate your beds with lights and garden decor — it not only looks nice, but it also encourages you to take better care of your plants.
  • Tip 4
    Staking supports plants and protects them from breaking. But don’t go too hard on your plants and choose good-quality support for the ties depending on the size of your plant.
  • Tip 5
    Use a mesh to guarantee that your climbing plants flourish beautifully without obstructing pathways or your view. If a branch starts to grow in the wrong direction, gently bend it and wind around the nearest section of the mesh.
  • Tip 6
    Use a small spade to remove weeds and transplant plants. Dig around a plant to form a big clump of soil. This will reduce the likelihood of breaking the root.
  • Tip 7
    Cover your plants for the winter with special blankets. This will prevent freezing and sunburns, which may occur even on winter days.

Customer Feedback

  • Yulia Ru

    Yulia Ru

    My favorite buy in Fix Price was a set of adorable little flower pots! In my opinion, they look stylish and modern, and I’m truly happy with them. This store offers pots of various shapes and colors, and each of them will make a lovely addition to your home’s design and ambiance.

  • oksana080573


    Last year, I bought a GreenArt mosquito net for my summerhouse. This year I’m planning to use them on my apartment windows as well. I’ve already purchased numerous packages, especially because they’re so cheap — only 55 rubles each bundle. I strongly advise you to check it out!

  • alisamaxfamily91


    This GreenArt pot is perfect for indoor plants and decor. It has an unusual oval shape and glossy finish that shines brightly on a sunlit windowsill. If you want an expensive-looking pot without exorbitant expenditure, check out GreenArt products!

  • Lenushka57


    I’ve recently bought a GreenArt mosquito net. It comes in a clear plastic bag, allowing you to see the net before purchasing. It’s fine-meshed, so no mosquito or other biting insects will get in. In a word, it’s an ace of nets. I give it five stars and I do recommend it.

  • Natashaspb2019


    I’ve finally bought the Windmill Decor for my garden! I’d wanted it for a long time and finally got it! It’s so cool, especially when it moves. By the way, it also keeps birds away from my strawberry bed. It does help, you know. Anyway, I recommend this product.

  • Ssshona


    GreenArt pots attract me with their appealing designs and captivating hues. I got pots in three different colors. They’re bright and perfect for both the kitchen and the nursery. I used the green pot for my spider plant, and the others for my succulents. A green succulent in an orange pot looks very impressive! All three of the pots ended up on the nursery’s windowsill. They blend in with the interior and cheer you up.